Deyor is an travelling website for tour package. Users will view the jewelry and buy the items/products. Also, the user will be able to add the items to the My Favorites list.

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    Online Tour and Travel
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    6 Month

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Our Objectives


Offers real-time itinerary customization spanning flights, hotels, and activities.


Introduces a specialized module for biking enthusiasts with varied package preferences.


1. Integration of Flights and Hotels
    • Instantaneous Updates

      By partnering with TBO Company, Deyor ensures users are provided with real-time, accurate data for flights, hotels, and activities.

    • Tailored Journey Plans

      Users are empowered to handpick their choice of hotels, flights, and activities. The portal then dynamically crafts an itinerary based on these preferences.

    • One-stop Booking

      Integrated APIs allow users to make immediate reservations for their chosen flights or accommodations, eliminating the need for multiple platforms.


    • Backend Integration

      TBO Company's API was incorporated into Deyor's backend infrastructure to facilitate real-time data fetch and update mechanisms.

    • User Interface Enhancement

      The platform's frontend was designed to be intuitive, allowing for seamless selection and booking processes.


    • Enhanced user satisfaction owing to the seamlessness of the booking experience.

    • Increased user retention due to the platform's ability to offer real-time data and customization.

2. Bike Trips Module
    • Diverse Package Selection

      The platform offers varied options such as Own Vehicle, Dual Rider, and Solo Rider, addressing the varied preferences of the biking community.

    • Inclusive Packages

      Comprehensive packages include all essentials, from accommodations to meals, ensuring a smooth travel experience.

    • Transparent Trip Details

      Each package is designed with full disclosure, including trip duration, starting and ending locations, and clear pricing.


    • Package Structuring

      Collaboration with biking communities and experts to understand user preferences and design packages accordingly.

    • UI/UX Design

      Intuitive interface development to display packages, their inclusions, and other relevant details in a user-friendly manner.


    • Positioned Deyor as a pioneer in offering specialized biking packages in the online travel industry.

    • Attracted a niche biking community to the platform, increasing overall user diversity.


    • User Growth

      Deyor's unique offerings, coupled with real-time data, attracted a significant influx of new users, leading to a steady growth rate month-over-month.

    • Revenue Increase

      The inclusion of the specialized biking module opened up a new revenue stream, amplifying the platform's profitability.

    • Market Position

      The successful integration and unique offerings solidified Deyor's position as a formidable contender in the digital travel industry.


Deyor's success can be attributed to its ability to innovate and adapt to the ever-evolving needs of modern travelers. By offering real-time data integrations and unique biking packages, the platform not only addressed gaps in the market but also provided users with unparalleled flexibility and choice. The case of Deyor exemplifies how technological integration and understanding user needs can revolutionize the travel experience in the digital age.

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