Customized eCommerce Platform for Diverse User Types

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  • Product : Filters
  • Industry : Ecommerce
  • Services : UI/UX Design, App Development
  • Technology Stack : React Js, React Native, Node.js, MongoDB

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Project Summary

This project aimed to deliver a robust, feature-rich e-commerce platform catering to multiple user types including admins, sub-admins, customers, wholesalers, retailers, and factory employees. With an in-depth approach to role definition, pricing, order management, and user interaction, the application was built to ensure streamlined operations, clear communication, and user-specific access privileges.

Goals and Objectives

User Differentiation

Creation of unique interfaces for admins, sub-admins, factory employees, customers, and other users, ensuring each has access only to relevant features.

Streamlined Operations

Empower admins with full CRUD operations on sub-admins, products, categories, and user types while ensuring a smooth user journey for other user types.

Effective Communication

A chat module was embedded to enable real-time communication, with added functionality to share files, bolstering the user-admin relationship.

Dynamic Pricing & Discounts

Admins were equipped to define prices for different user categories and apply both global and user-specific discounts, optimizing sales and revenue.

Features (CustomersApp)

  • 1
    • Customized User Profiles :

    • Tailored views for each user, emphasizing relevant functionalities like CRUD operations for admins and product searching for users.

  • 2
    • Interactive Chat Module :

    • Enabled real-time discussion, query resolution, and file sharing, enhancing user trust and satisfaction.

  • 3
    • Dynamic Product Search:

    • Using advanced algorithms, the search function yields accurate and swift results, refining the shopping experience.

  • 4
    • Offline Payment System:

    • By integrating an offline payment system, the platform ensures flexibility and trust, especially for large, bulk orders.

Challenges & Solutions

  • Multiple User Types

    A tiered role-based access control was implemented to handle different user types without compromising on data security or user experience.

  • Real-time Communication

    The integrated chat module was optimized for low latency and high responsiveness, ensuring smooth and immediate conversations.

  • Dynamic Pricing

    An adaptable pricing matrix was developed to allow admins to easily adjust prices based on user types or promotions.

  • Handling a Vast Product Catalog

    Implemented advanced database optimizations and indexing to ensure fast, efficient CRUD operations and search results.

  • User Approval Mechanism

    A notification system was developed to alert admins of new business user registrations, streamlining the approval process.

  • Offline Payments

    Developed a robust order tracking and verification system that operates seamlessly with offline payment confirmations.

  • Unique SKU but Non-unique Product Names

    The database design ensured SKU uniqueness while allowing flexibility in product naming, aided by the dynamic search function.

  • Multiple Currency Support

    Integrated a currency conversion tool and localized billing for transactions made outside India, ensuring clear and transparent pricing for all users.

Visual Design

The customized eCommerce platform developed successfully tackled the multifaceted needs of a diverse user base. By addressing unique challenges with innovative solutions, the application not only streamlined operations but also fostered trust and enhanced user experience. With its dynamic pricing, efficient search functionality, and role-specific customization, the platform stands as a testament to the power of tailored application development.